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There’s no denying that RVs make for a fun mode of transportation – most of them feature spacious interiors, comfortable beds, and well-equipped kitchens. However, while meticulously designed to be safe and reliable, these vehicles can still break down or malfunction because of errors in their design. Rather than encountering inconvenient interruptions while on vacation, or far away from home, it is essential to protect yourself. It is important to know your rights as an owner, should a defect cause harm to your vehicle or your family.

A purchase as big and monumental as an RV will last you for a long time—it’s not just about getting back on the road. It’s about enjoying the RV lifestyle, enjoying your time spent with family and friends, and even committing to future travel with this investment in your life. And when you’ve made that kind of investment, you want it to be protected. So, in addition to providing excellent customer service, our team of Lemon Law attorneys in Menlo Park, with the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, work hard to ensure that your rights are protected, while also resolving your case promptly. 

Does your RV Qualify as a Lemon?

An RV must have multiple defects before it’s eligible for a Lemon Law claim. The following are some common problems that may qualify as a Lemon in California:

You can drive your RV across state lines without any problems if you have the proper license and insurance. However, despite their convenience, these vehicles have a lot of responsibility. They must be registered and inspected regularly to keep them on the road. There are some instances in which you may not be entitled to a refund or replacement. These includes:

While there are many reasons why your RV may be a lemon, there are also steps that you can take to resolve the issue. One of the most critical steps to take, should you find that your RV is a lemon, is to ensure that you have all the documentation in place. This will make getting help much easier in the future. In addition to assuring that you have all the information recorded, you should also ensure that you adhere to the warranty provided by your manufacturer. In some cases, this will mean guaranteeing that you take your RV in for service on time. If taking care of these things does not fix the issues with your RV, then it may be time to contact the manufacturer and ask for help with the repairs.

If calling or visiting the manufacturer does not result in any positive changes, speak with our Lemon Law attorneys in Menlo Park, with the Braff Injury Trial Law Group. They can help guide you through this procedure, and make sure that your rights are protected during the entire process.

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Shirley BriggsShirley Briggs
11:11 19 Sep 23
Third time needing a lawyer and best experience I ever had. I’ll never go back to the others and always hire Braff. Could not believe how simple and efficient they made everything for me!
Alice GomezAlice Gomez
18:33 17 Jul 23
Got side swiped on my bike, but Braff Lawyers handled it like pros. These guys don’t mess around.
Rafael Brito PizaRafael Brito Piza
18:06 24 Apr 23
After my car accident, I was in a lot of pain and unsure about what to do next. A friend recommended Braff Law Firm, and I'm so glad they did. They took the time to explain the legal process to me and answered all of my questions. I couldn't have asked for better representation.
David MankinDavid Mankin
10:52 03 Feb 23
I couldn't have asked for a better law firm than Braff Injury Law Firm to represent me in my motorcycle accident.
Jorge CarricoJorge Carrico
16:41 02 Feb 23
I'm grateful to Braff Injury Trial Law Group and Lior for their help with my spinal injury case. They were professional and compassionate.
David TynerDavid Tyner
12:36 30 Jan 23
I'm grateful to have had Braff Injury Law Firm and Lior on my side for my lemon case. They were professional and knowledgeable.
Khalifa TopKhalifa Top
18:01 22 Dec 22
I heard an ad for Braff law on the radio and decided to give them a call for my orthopaedic injury case. I'm glad I did because they were able to successfully represent me. Thank you to Oliver for his dedication.
Alex LAlex L
12:20 14 Dec 22
I was in a motorcycle accident and Braff LAW was there for me. Allan was amazing and got me a great settlement.
Cody PughCody Pugh
20:10 05 Dec 22
Overall, I highly recommend the legal services of Braff Law and suggest you seek out Lior if you find yourself in need of legal representation. He and his team will provide you with exceptional service and ensure you have the best legal outcome possible.
Carl BellCarl Bell
11:57 16 Nov 22
This law practice was recommended to me, and I'm happy with the work they did. They were courteous, competent, and quick to respond. Getting a settlement was an easy, quick, and satisfying procedure.

Talk to the Experienced RV Lemon Law Attorneys

If you’ve ever dealt with an RV woe, you know that the process of getting it repaired can be frustrating. The time spent without your vehicle, the lack of a temporary vehicle, and dealing with the manufacturer can quickly add to a bad experience. If a motorhome isn’t running properly, you’ll likely be forced to stay in hotels while getting it fixed. Or you’ll have to plan transportation home because your travel trailer isn’t safe to drive. When the differences between what was advertised and the current reality cause frustration and significant money spent on repairs, ensure you have someone on your side to advocate for your rights. 

Our Lemon Law attorneys in Menlo Park with the Braff Injury Trial Law Group have seen every possible type of defect and we’ve worked with every type of vehicle manufacturer. We understand the types of defects that go beyond the usual wear and tear, that are common in large vehicles like this. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 650-781-9549 or fill out the online form so we can get started immediately.

If you have received an injury due to someone acting in a careless manner, then you need to seek justice. To do that, you will need the right representation. Call Braff Injury Trial Law Group today and schedule your free initial consultation.

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