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Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common personal injury claims in California, especially during the winter months, when conditions are more slippery. The most common slip and fall accidents get filed when someone slips, trips or falls and injures themselves on another person’s property. Victims are protected under the laws, which says that owners of property are legally required to make sure their properties are reasonably safe.

If you’ve been injured on another person’s property through a slip or a fall, contact Braff Injury Trial Law Group as the attorneys to fight for your rights and make sure you receive the compensation you need to get on with your life in as normal a manner as possible. Our firm has extensive expertise helping and representing individuals who have been injured because you slipped.

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Main Reasons of Slip and Fall Accidents

As mentioned earlier in this article, slip and fall accidents are common in the winter because the conditions make walking and moving about more challenging due to slippery surfaces. This occurs when water accumulate on sidewalks, roadways and other surfaces. While there may be a spike in slip and fall accidents in California during the winter, these types of accidents can happen all year around. Slip and fall accidents can happen on private or commercial property. Regardless of the location of the incident, if you’ve been hurt, you have the right to file a personal injury claim and seek damages such as medical costs and lost wages.

Our firm understands that slip and fall accidents can happen, any time of the year and any season. You could be in a bar, restaurant, shopping mall or private property and you could fall and injure yourself. Depending on the situation, the manager, owner, or employee at the property could be held liable for your injuries and other damages.

There are many causes of slip and fall accidents.

Here is a list of a few of those causes.

These are examples of surfaces that are hazardous or unsafe to walk which will eventually cause injury to another person through a slip and fall accident. If the area is significantly hazardous, there is the risk that the victim could have a life changing or catastrophic injury, and perhaps one that they may not recover from.

Most injuries in a slip and fall accident

Will be minor such as cuts, scrapes, bruises and other injuries that will heal quickly. If you’re simply bruised, even if you have a couple of large bruises, it’s not necessary to contact a personal injury lawyer. If, however, you’ve experienced a more serious injury, you should contact our legal firm. Examples of more serious injuries include:

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