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There are a lot of dogs in the United States that make great pets. In California, many people love dogs and have them as pets. The majority of these dogs live peacefully without being aggressive, going through their days loving their families and being loved by them. Even working dogs, which are not used for companion dogs, don’t pose a threat to anyone or attacking anyone.

Despite the vast majority of working and pet dogs posing no threat to other people, there are still a significant number of people in California who are injured every year from people-owned animal attacks and dog bites. Some are minor incidents; others are major enough to cause significant mental and physical injuries. There are many legal, financial and liability concerns for the animal or dog owner when that animal or dog has attacked another person.

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A dog that attacks another person doesn’t

Necessarily mean that the dog is owned by an irresponsible pet owner. Responsible owners know it’s essential to ensure that their dogs are trained, leashed and always restrained. Still, some of the dogs that are trained can behave unexpectedly for many reasons. Some do because they feel frightened or threatened. Or they’ve just had a bad day, just like people have bad days sometimes.

While our firm doesn’t represent dog owners, we do advocate for dog owners to make sure they do their research and know what their legal responsibilities are with pet ownership. They should know what they should do and are legally required to do to keep their pet and the people their dog comes into contact with safe.

If you’re the victim of a dog attack, you also need to make sure you’re aware of your rights when it comes to compensation for injuries sustained. If you will have any contact with dogs, it’s important to make sure you are aware of the rules of dog bite law in California. You need to know your responsibilities, as well as the owners’ responsibilities and their responsibility for their dog’s behavior under California state law.

Dog Bite Claim and Damages

While California law says that if you have been injured in a dog attack, you are entitled to fair compensation in relation to the severity of the injury, it’s also important to not see dog bites as a way to get quick money. Intentionally provoking a dog to bite you as a way to get compensation for injuries you are partially responsible for causing is not the correct or moral think to do. For example, if you’re bitten by guard dogs while trying to rob a location with clear warning signs that guard dogs are on duty, you are not likely to be entitled to compensation.

However, if you are a victim, you are entitled to financial compensation for the injuries you have endured, as a result of the dog attack. The number of damages that you will receive will depend on the level severity of the injury.

At Braff Injury Trial Law Group, we have experience in dog attack cases, and our lawyers will guide you on how to process the claim and how to get the maximum amount of compensation possible.