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A newly purchased or leased vehicle is expected to function properly without glitches. A buyer purchases/leases a vehicle from an authorized dealer with this understanding and a product’s warranty attests to this fact. Otherwise, someone may sell a defective item without being concerned about the consequences. However, it is not uncommon for the buyer or lessor of a new vehicle to notice defects or malfunctioning within a few days of purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

If you purchased or leased a new vehicle that fails to function properly despite multiple repair attempts at an authorized dealer, then it is prudent to consult with a Lemon law attorney in Culver City as soon as possible. In California, Lemon laws protect the consumers who have purchased or leased vehicles with defects that show problems within the first year of ownership or lease.

The Braff Injury Trial Law Group can build a strong case against the seller or manufacturer and let you be compensated for your losses if you purchased or leased a vehicle that qualifies as a ‘lemon’. However, you have to retain the service of an experienced attorney in Culver City, if you want to be fairly compensated.

The California’s Lemon Laws (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) are the most consumer-friendly Lemon laws in the United States. They cover different types of vehicles, such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. This act covers many consumer goods other than vehicles, such as computers, TVs, appliances, etc.

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Conditions For Protected Vehicles

The vehicles protected under California’s law needs to have the following features:


  • A vehicle must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty during the first repair attempt
  • It must be purchased or leased by retail transaction in California


(This rule is not applicable to active members of the military)


  • It needs to be a passenger vehicle with gross weight of less than 10,000 lbs.
  • It cannot belong to a business or to an individual who has more than 5 vehicles registered in CA


Important points to remember for a buyer or lessor of a vehicle:


  • A manufacturer’s warranty is transferrable. Thus, it can cover both new and pre-owned vehicles.
  • The duration and conditions of the warranty differs depending upon the vehicle.
    • For most vehicles, the warranty offers complete coverage for at least 3 years or 36K miles alongside offering Powertrain or corrosion coverage.
    • For some vehicles, the warranty offers complete coverage for 5-10 years.


Protected Defects

There are guidelines for the type of vehicular defects covered by California’s Lemon law, such as, the defect:


  • Must significantly impair the performance, safety, or value of the vehicle
  • Must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Must persist after a “reasonable number of repair attempts” by an authorized dealer


The number of times a vehicle is brought to an authorized dealer for repair (even if a dealer fails to repair an issue) is known as the “repair attempt”. The definition of a “reasonable number of repair attempts” under the California Lemon Law varies from one case to another. In general, a vehicle will be classified as a lemon if a dealer has had at least two failed attempts to repair a defect.

What is the Legal Presumption of ‘California Lemon Law’?

The California law includes a legal presumption.

A motor-vehicle will qualify as a Lemon, if:

  • It has been brought to the dealership four times (or more) to repair a single defect, or two time (or more) to repair the same significant safety defect.
  • The vehicle has remained out of service for more than 30 days (total) because of the defect(s).

A vehicle must meet any of these conditions within the first 18,000 miles or 18 months of ownership in order to qualify as a ‘lemon’. In Lemon law claims, the burden of proof remains on a manufacturer, and manufacturer must prove otherwise in this scenario. However, manufacturers seldom cooperate. Therefore, if your vehicle is a ‘lemon’, do not waste your time without the help of a professional Lemon law attorney.

Protect Your Lemon Law Rights

In Culver City, influential businesses of the auto industry retain large law firms for the service of their experienced lawyers. The main objective of these lawyers is to ensure that their clients can:

  • Avoid repurchasing and replacing a defective vehicle that qualifies as a Lemon, or
  • Avoid repurchasing and refunding a buyer of a defective vehicle, which causes financial loss to the purchaser

In this scenario, it is essential to retain the service of a successful, experienced, and dedicated Lemon law attorney in Culver City who can zealously approach each claim with one objective in mind:

  • To ensure that a manufacturer repurchases a new/used vehicle that qualifies as a lemon, by either refunding the money, or issuing a brand-new, similar vehicle as a replacement

Book an initial consultation with an experienced Lemon law attorney at the Braff Injury Trial Law Group. Our Lemon law attorneys in Culver City have a proven track record of success against large auto-companies.

Why Choose Us as Your California Lemon Law Attorney?

At the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, we do not just provide our clients with legal assistance during Lemon law claims. We try to secure compensation for their losses as quickly as possible, since they are already frustrated due to purchasing or leasing a vehicle that qualifies as a ‘lemon’.

With years of experiencing handling Lemon law claims, we know how manufacturers and their lawyers use various loopholes to escape the liability. We have successfully defended many clients against them and have made the manufacturers recognize the futility of going to trial against us. That’s how we have been able to settle more than 99% of the claims with favorable result.

Sometimes, the seller doesn’t realize that they are selling a defective vehicle. However, that is not the issue. At the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, our only objective is to ensure that our clients get the most out of their car purchase. We will fight for you and ensure that you are well compensated for the money and time that is spent while trying to fix the defects of your car.

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