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Some of the benefits of leasing or purchasing a new truck include having dependable transportation, a vehicle for recreation, and a work vehicle that helps you get things done. More importantly, having that new truck gives you a sense of pride and self-esteem. Furthermore, most individuals assume that having a new truck means if anything goes wrong, repairs will be covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty. But what if it’s still having the same problem after multiple repair attempts have failed to fix it?

Fortunately, California’s Lemon Law secures all consumers who have unknowingly purchased or leased a truck that turns out to be defective. It’s also important to discuss this with a Lemon Trucks lawyer in Encinitas, California with the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, if your truck is still under a Manufacturer’s Warranty, and the defect adversely affects its safety, use, and value. So, if you’ve given the dealership, or the manufacturer, an opportunity to repair your truck and the problem persists, you can exercise your rights under California’s Lemon Law. You do not have to be intimidated by the pressure tactics of a truck manufacturer, because they will try to deny, or lower your claim amount, as it cuts into their profit.

Does California’s Lemon Law Apply to Business-Owned Trucks?

Yes, it does. Some individuals have a misconception that trucks used for business aren’t covered by California’s Lemon Law. However, in many cases, this isn’t true. While the Lemon Law was not designed to protect larger companies from acquiring lemon vehicles, it was enacted to protect small business owners. California’s Lemon Law states that trucks used for business or commercial purposes are covered, provided the truck meets the following three conditions:

Larger trucks such as semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, dump trucks, and tanker trucks, usually won’t pass this test, since larger companies normally have entire truck fleets. So, if you’re a small business owner who has unknowingly leased or purchased a defective truck, you may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer.

However, the only way to ensure this is by consulting with a Lemon Trucks lawyer in Encinitas, California with the Braff Injury Trial Law Group. Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable about the intricacies of Lemon Laws. We understand that it is never an easy situation to consider when you see your investment going down the drain. That is where we step in. We are here to help you get what you are legally entitled to.

How to Determine If Your Truck is a Lemon

Based on past client experiences our attorneys know that no two Lemon Law cases and claims are alike. Each case has its own challenges and weak points that must be evaluated to find the right solution. And while the courts ultimately make the final decision regarding your truck’s status as a lemon, there are several guidelines that will help us determine if your truck is a lemon. Your truck might be a lemon if:

If any, or a combination, of the above apply, speak with a Lemon Trucks lawyer in Encinitas, California, at Braff Injury Trial Law Group, about taking legal action as soon as possible.

Why Do Truck Lemon Law Claims Get Denied?

Unfortunately, many manufacturers initially deny Lemon Law claims for one reason or another. The basic fact is that payoffs are losses for the company. So, they will do a proper investigation before they accept our claim as valid. So why does this happen? While there are numerous reasons that claims are denied, there are three that are more common than others, as follows:

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Got side swiped on my bike, but Braff Lawyers handled it like pros. These guys don’t mess around.
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After my car accident, I was in a lot of pain and unsure about what to do next. A friend recommended Braff Law Firm, and I'm so glad they did. They took the time to explain the legal process to me and answered all of my questions. I couldn't have asked for better representation.
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I'm grateful to have had Braff Injury Law Firm and Lior on my side for my lemon case. They were professional and knowledgeable.
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I heard an ad for Braff law on the radio and decided to give them a call for my orthopaedic injury case. I'm glad I did because they were able to successfully represent me. Thank you to Oliver for his dedication.
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I was in a motorcycle accident and Braff LAW was there for me. Allan was amazing and got me a great settlement.
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Overall, I highly recommend the legal services of Braff Law and suggest you seek out Lior if you find yourself in need of legal representation. He and his team will provide you with exceptional service and ensure you have the best legal outcome possible.
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This law practice was recommended to me, and I'm happy with the work they did. They were courteous, competent, and quick to respond. Getting a settlement was an easy, quick, and satisfying procedure.

Thus, what should you do if the manufacturer denies your claim? First and foremost, call the Braff Injury Trial Law Group. Schedule a FREE initial consultation with a Lemon Trucks lawyer in Encinitas, California. You shouldn’t be wasting your time wondering whether your truck is a lemon, and being frustrated because you can’t drive it, or trust it. We’ll help you determine, once and for all, if it’s a lemon, and whether the manufacturer owes you a refund or a replacement truck.

As your legal representative, we have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions, research the evidence of your case, and take legal action if needed. Call the Braff Injury Trial Law Group at  and get the legal advice or representation that you need.

If you have received an injury due to someone acting in a careless manner, then you need to seek justice. To do that, you will need the right representation. Call Braff Injury Trial Law Group today and schedule your free initial consultation.

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