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In a today’s society, people are buying items and goods every day. Generally, people think that their purchases are safe to be utilized, because they believe it has been tested as safe. This is usually the case, especially in states like California where stringent laws have been set up regarding defective products and product liability. These laws are set up to protect consumers and ensure that retailers, distributors and manufacturers don’t cut corners for profits and only sell products that are safe, useful and reliable for public use.

That said, in the United States many products are being imported from all over the world as a way to make the products more affordable. This means they are being made in places that may not have the same level of defective product laws and don’t conform to the safety standards set out by the state of California.

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This can result in increased injuries.

Consumers need to know that if they are injured through the use of a defective product, you are protected and there is financial help to deal with the results of the injuries. At Braff Injury Trial Law Group, our team has many years of experience in personal injury law and has extensive experience representing victims, who have been injured as a result of using defective products. Our lawyers are specialists in product liability cases.

Laws on Product Liability

Product liability laws were created to protect the consumer from harm and due to manufacturers/suppliers and retailers who were out to get the maximum profit by selling dangerous goods that weren’t properly checked out and could cause harm to other people. Companies are now legally obligated to make sure those consumers that use those company products are not injured or harmed as a result of cutting corners or rushing their products to the market, before they have been properly tested.

Product manufacturers, designers and retailers may be held responsible for injuries caused as a result of using their products. At Braff Injury Trial Law Group we are committed to fighting for the rights of victims of defective product accidents and we will fight vigorously for the compensation you deserve to receive.

Understanding Product Liability

As per the laws in California, the distributors, manufacturers and sellers are needed to put warnings and labels on the product properly. This is important if there is a chance that it can cause harm. If the product isn’t labeled properly or the product is defective, you can hold them liable for the injuries and harm that is caused by the defective product.

California state sees no reason not to adhere to safety procedures, for defective or mislabeled products and will hold those who do this accountable. Companies that cut corners will be held legally liable. However, despite being held legally liable, it can be difficult for a victim to get compensation for themselves so that they can fully recover from the mental, physical and emotional distress caused by the defective product. This is why it’s essential to have an experienced personal injury lawyer who has a history of representing product liability cases, like Braff Injury Trial Law Group. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, call Braff Injury Trial Law Group today and we’d like to help you get the damages for your injuries.

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