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No one expects their newly purchased or leased vehicle to be defective. However, it is not uncommon. In California, the Lemon law or Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is supposed to protect the consumers from being abused by auto-manufacturers and authorized dealerships. It is one of the most consumer-friendly Lemon laws in the United States.Under this law, consumers of defective vehicles are supposed to receive the following remedies from auto-manufacturing companies if the vehicle starts malfunctioning within 18 months of purchase, as well as delivery, and before having 18000 miles on the odometer.

At the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, we are aware that if your vehicle is registered in California and shows signs of being a Lemon, then you are entitled to have various legal remedies under the California Lemon law. However, the vehicle has to be purchased or leased from a licensed dealer with a manufacturer’s warranty.

A consumer may receive:

No Money from Our Clients

At the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, we can help you get the remedy based upon your preference. You have to pay nothing in order to receive our legal advice and assistance. We collect attorney’s fees and legal costs from the manufacturing companies to ensure that any frustrated consumer of California can benefit from our service without worrying about additional expenses.

Experienced Lemon Law Lawyers in Encinitas

We have a team of experienced Lemon law attorneys who have helped hundreds of consumers over the years to receive a remedy, according to their choice. Therefore, the possibility of being compensated for your loss is higher with our assistance. Once you retain our service, you can pay attention to your tasks and let us communicate and negotiate with the manufacturing companies.

Settle for the Best Outcome or Nothing

At the Braff Injury Trial Law Group, we settle for nothing less than sufficient for your losses or troubles. We are not hesitant to litigate against the manufacturing companies at the court level. Even though they are large and influential business organizations with experienced and successful lawyers on retainer to defend them. Our lemon law attorneys in Encinitas have the only objective to get justice for our clients and bring comfort to their life.

Stay Ahead at Every Step with a Lawyer’s Guidance

For someone with no legal knowledge or no knowledge of handling the legal proceedings, the Lemon law is going to seem like a complex procedure. It is even difficult for the lawyers who practice in other fields of law to know about the challenges of handling a Lemon law claim.

It may even be difficult for the lawyers practicing in other fields of law to know about the ins and outs of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Thus, it is prudent to retain the service of a Lemon law attorney in Encinitas who dedicatedly practices Lemon law and has a history of successfully handling Lemon law claims.

The testimony of our clients and the results of past Lemon law claims handled by us attest to our performance. We have already proven our resolve in this field. Contact us if you believe that your vehicle may be a ‘Lemon’. We are not afraid to challenge either the auto-manufacturing companies or the authorized dealers in order to ensure an adequate remedy for our clients.

We have achieved results in different ways in the past. That’s why we are equally confident about informal settlements and court trials, in order to recover sufficient remedies for our clients.

Informal Settlements

This is the first method of recovering a remedy for a Lemon. In this scenario, we reach out to an auto-manufacturing company or authorized dealer in order to settle the claim out of court. We will:

If the auto-manufacturing company extends an offer, then we will evaluate the suitability of this offer. We will settle the claim if the offer seems reasonable. However, we will take the case to court and seek a remedy through litigation if the result of the negotiation is less than satisfactory.

Court Trials

Many manufacturers and dealerships urge consumers to opt for arbitration instead of taking a case to court. We prefer litigation to arbitration since a manufacturing company may try to influence who gets to be an arbitrator. Court proceedings move slower than the negotiation process. However, we know how to make the best use of this time.

We try to collect as much proof as possible in support of our clients’ claim. And try to formulate an effective legal strategy in order to break the defense raised by lawyers of an auto-manufacturing company. Therefore, it is important to retain the service of our experienced Lemon law lawyer in Encinitas.

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I was having a tough time with my car and didn't know what to do. I was completely lost until I found Braff Law. They helped me through the lemon law process and it was so easy! Thank you for all of your help!

Susan Carter

I was stuck in a lease and had no idea what to do. After a quick online search I found out about the lemon law. I called up Braff and they were able to help me with everything. They always got back to me quickly and never hesitated to answer my questions.

Demi Armstrong

I have used Braff Legal Group before to help me with a lemon law issue and they were very helpful. I called them up and they were able to answer all my questions on the phone. The process of working with them was very straightforward, which was perfect for me because I am not good with filling out legal documents.

Edlyn Grace

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